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. we are kind of looking for some defensive kind of cheap protection, basically buying some cheap put spreads, maybe financing by selling some high- side calls to kind of protect ourselves from the possibility of a pullback. we have been looking at this market over the last three years and studying it, and i tell you, if there is one cyclical thing that stands out to you, look at that sell- in-may-and-go-away adage. it has paid off the last three years, and it could be the same way this year. > dan, real quick, i want to ask you about nike. its earnings numbers came out yesterday, and boy, it sure took off in after-hours trading. > > it sure did bill. it caught me a little bit my surprise, actually. i didn't expect the reaction, but we are seeing nike trading up around $58. now, breaking out of that range, the high from last year, $56.34, breaking above it, the high from last year, so now it looks like possibly, at least for the short-term, momentum appears to be to the upside. > dan deming, you have a good friday. > > thank you, you too, bill. that's it for us today. be sure to stop
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1